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The Grays

The Grays - Whitley Strieber I was a big fan of Whiley Strieber's "Communion" books. In this work of fiction, Strieber takes the whole of UFO lore and wraps it up in a story about a dying race of aliens and a dying earth. Grays (both short and tall), Nordic aliens, black triangles, glowing orbs, abuctions and implants -- Strieber has it all. For good measure, he throws in a group of corrupt corporate leaders called "The Trust" who wish to hasten the end of the human race so they can rebuild it in their own DNA image.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book until the climatic end. I felt it was heavy handed and overdone. The idea that a renegade government operator could singlehandedly turn an entire town into a pack of violent, mindless zombies, or the sight of a corporate demigod flying an invisible airship down Pennsylvania Avenue wreaking devastion on Washington, DC -- well, it strained even my willing suspension of disbelief.

Fortunately, Strieber made up for it with his epilogue. If he hadn't, I would have only given this three stars.