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The Codex

The Codex - Douglas Preston Douglas Preston’s The Codex is a fun, adventurous romp. An eccentric multi-millionaire, dying of cancer, buries himself and all his wealth in a tomb somewhere in the world. If his three sons want their inheritance, they have to find his tomb and raid it—which is how he earned his wealth.

Unknown to the dying tomb raider, among his belongings is an ancient Mayan codex with a vast knowledge of ancient medical cures that could lead to new advances in medicine. The brothers find themselves on separate trails heading deep into Honduran jungles, pursued by a corrupt former Green Beret working for a large pharmaceutical company.

Like I said, The Codex is a fun read, but not Preston’s best work. There are major holes in the story, such as how the main love interest, a female ethno-pharmacologist, at a crucial point of the story suddenly has the talent of a highly-trained sniper. Nevertheless, The Codex is an entertaining read.