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Deep Storm: A Novel

Deep Storm - Lincoln Child I may not remember every detail in the books I’ve read, but I usually remember the titles and the fact I’ve read them. So I didn’t think it bode well for Deep Storm when I started reading it without remembering I had already read it years before. Was it really that forgettable?

No, not forgettable at all. I may not have remembered the title, but I definitely remembered the plot—and it’s a pretty good one.

Dr. Peter Crane is a former U.S. Navy physician with highly respected background in undersea medicine. Therefore, he was not surprised when he was summoned to an oil platform in the North Atlantic to diagnose a strange medical condition spreading through the rig’s crew. Once he arrives, however, Crane discovers the medical condition isn’t affecting the platform’s crew but the crew of a massive underwater facility two miles below the rig. Once sworn to secrecy, Crane is told the submerged facility, called Deep Storm, is excavating an ancient site that may be the remains of the ancient lost civilization Atlantis.

Crane descends to Deep Storm, but as he struggles to discover the source of the strange malady affecting the crew, he begins to suspect there is something far more sinister about the archeological dig than the answer to an ancient myth.

Deep Storm’s plotting is suspenseful and compelling. My only complaint with the book is that Child repeatedly used “sailor,” “Marine,” and “soldier” as if the terms were interchangeable. That’s a real good way to start a bar fight.